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Why Crowdbrite?

Bring the power of crowdsourcing to your project!

Crowdbrite (CB) offers a fun and convenient way to participate in online brainstorming sessions, meetings, and workshops/charrettes. Invite your team, outside professionals/experts and the community to collaborate. This interactive application continuously updates in real-time. The Crowdbrite Canvas is only limited by your imagination!

Visual Idea Organization

Organize comments visually on your project Canvas. Crowdbrite allows you to create your own custom legend, colors, and icons and identify the project goals, objectives and timelines. Each comment is represented by a Canvas Note, and can be placed anywhere on the design or illustration. This freeform method of collaboration is familiar to anyone that has used sticky notes to brainstorm.

Security and Convenience

Use the simple online interface 24/7 for real time collaboration with your team/community. No matter the source or amount of feedback, all drawings and comments are saved automatically on our secure servers and backed up daily.

Crowdbrite Solutions

Our solutions include CB Collaborate for teams/groups, CB Engage for your community and the public, CB Create, and CB Mobile.

CB Collaborate
  • Host Live online meetings
  • Review, comment & contribute
  • Create private projects
CB Engage
  • Create & manage public projects
  • Organize workshops & charrettes
  • Create a record of Community Participation
CB Create
  • Digital design review
  • Digital Charrettes
  • Competitions & Campaigns
CB Mobile
  • Collaborate on the go!
  • Contribute, Comment and Vote
  • Monitor your projects

Free to Participate!

To maximize participation Crowdbrite membership and the ability to comment on public and private projects is free! Crowdbrite Mobile is also a free download on the app store.

To create a project, fill out the contact us form and we will get right back to you! You can pay-as-you-go for individual projects, or sign up for a subscription for unlimited use and access to CB professionals and resources. For your convenience, training and initial project setup is included.

Crowdbrite Benefits

Ideas submitted on Crowdbrite appear in real-time as sticky notes on your project canvas. With Crowdbrite you can manage discussions, moderate projects, or contribute ideas from anywhere, at anytime! Gain real-time access to projects and never miss an important team meeting or workshop. Other benefits include:

  • Quickly capture and organize ideas
  • Generate instant reports
  • Make better decisions
  • Save time and money
  • Turn ideas into action

Who's using Crowdbrite?

Project Teams | City Planners, Architects, Engineers | Regional, State and Federal Agencies | Gov. 2.0 and Web 3.0 Industries | Energy and Sustainability Professionals | Architecture Critics | Universities and NPO's | Design Review Boards | Councils, Boards and Commissions | Design Competition Organizers | Facilitators and Public Engagement Specialists

What is next?

A number of Design Centers are planned in leading cities to provide improved access to community design decisions.

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About Crowdbrite

Crowdbrite provides comprehensive solutions to empower your community to create a brighter future! Our services include consulting and research supported by our network of professionals and experts. Our technology improves team collaboration, community engagement and provides convenient mobile access.

Crowdbrite CEO Darin Dinsmore is an urban planner and landscape architect with over 15 years experience in community based planning and design. His award winning projects have transformed communities and neighborhoods. Darin is an expert in collaborative techniques and community engagement.

Crowdbrite is a mission based company focusing on building a better planet, one project - one place at a time.